Pouran production has a passion for the vitality of a wedding day a cornucopia of emotions just waiting to be transformed into a story.

“Reportage and Portraits, both have their place. I cannot imagine the one without the other. The reportage tells the story of the day, and captures the little moments that could, with time, be so easily forgotten. Whereas the portraits are the cherry on the cake they reflect the bridal couple as they perceive themselves. The most important thing I ever learned has little to do with technology or photographic rules: creating an atmosphere with pictures.

If I had to choose some of my favorite moments of a wedding day, the getting-ready would definitely be one of them. The anticipation and anxiety that pervade the air, lend a special flair to the pictures. I especially love doing portraits when couples manage to forget about me, and lose themselves in each other in total oblivion of all family and guests.

My work is influenced by a mixture of new school American wedding photography, with its vibrancy and tendency to break all traditional rules and the classic European masters that inspire me most.

I can get lost in black & white work. Perhaps this is one reason I have such a hard time deciding between colour and B&W when I develop my images.

Pouran is based in Dubai but travels to weddings in Oman, Kuwait, Qatar and beyond. In 2009 Pouran Productions was ranked as one of the Top Photographers by the artistic guild of the wedding photojournalistic association. Our work was recently published in the book, wedding photography a guide to posing. We describes our way to cover weddings as unobtrusive and artistically.

Just like this description is different from what you've seen before, so is our vision, our images and our style. See for yourself. And thank you for looking. What I enjoy so much about weddings is the wide spectrum of emotions that a camera eye sees from heartfelt joy and happy tears during the ceremony to the laughter and spontaneity at the reception. Preserving these emotions is truly an awesome responsibility if you think about the importance of a newlywed couples family legacy.